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Rhino RX1 Pickleball Paddle

Article number: RX1

Rhino RX1 Pickleball Paddle

  • 80% Graphite/20% fiberglass surface for increased control and spin
  • 6 mm Polypropylene honeycomb core reduces vibration
  • Paddle weighs 8.1oz
  • 5.31" Polyurethane handle and grip
  • Extended 16" lenth provides extra reach
  • 8.1" width hitting surface

The RX1 pickleball paddle features a hybrid graphite/fiberglass hitting surface that keeps the ball on the paddle face longer for better control and the ability to pinpoint your shots. Hit precise dinks and drops with the RX1's balance of touch and control. A 6mm poly honeycomb core reduces vibration and absorbs power shots so you can easily reset points and play your game. Weighing 8.1 ounces, the RX1 packs the power to finish off points with a smash or drive. The 5" handle is ideal for players who use a two-handed backhand. 

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