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Legacy JD Style Shoulder Pad - Temple's Sporting Goods

Legacy JD Style Shoulder Pad

$199.99 $199.99
Article number: PLJD-XS

High School/Collegiate Shoulder Pads

Skill Positions: QB, WR, CB & KP

The JD style shoulder pad, in the Legacy Series is designed for the skill positions of Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Cornerbacks, and Kickers/Punters. The JD's lightweight, and streamlined design, makes it the perfect pad for the players that require a greater range of motion to play their particular position. The JD's smaller epaulets, reverse cups, and swivel front give the player more flexibility for throwing, and receiving passes. The Air-Management system of open cell foam, soft removable channels, streamlined design, help disperse the energy of contact to the chest and back of the player.


Air Management Technology

The protective padding (cushion) of the shoulder pad is made of open cell foam. Within the foam are thousands of tiny air cells. By adhering the outer fabric to the foam, a sealed environment is created trapping the air inside of the cushion. When an outside force is exerted on to the shoulder pad shell (load spreader), the force causes the shell to push on the cushion, forcing the air to move within the cells of the foam out 360 degrees, thereby lessening the blow from being felt straight in to the point of impact. There is a much wider area of dispersion, resulting in less trauma to the body.


How to Measure

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