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Glover's Scorebook Binder

Article number: AC900

Glover's Scorebook Binder AC-900

Do you constantly have to spend the money on scorebooks that you either run out of or rip due to its inability to stay durable? Throw those aside and get yourself the Glover’s Scorebook Binder! Buy making a one time purchase with the extremely durable binder; you’ll only ever have to get the scorebook refills from there on out, saving you a small amount of money each time. With a hard front service for writing during the game and pockets on the inside to hold everything together, the Glover’s Scorebook Binder is the ultimate decision for any scorekeeper.

- Glover’s Scorebook Binder

- 15 ½” H x 13” W

- Stronger Low-Profile “Grip” Clip: provides a firm writing surface for scoring.

- Includes Inside Pockets: provided for schedules, addresses, player rosters, etc.

- Pencil Holders

• Large 13” x 15 1⁄2” format.

• The binder has a new, stronger, low-profile “Grip” clip on the front providing a firm writing surface for scoring.

• Includes pockets for schedules, addresses, player rosters, etc., and pencil holders.

• The binder is built to last for years; you will only need to purchase refills.

Glover's Scorebook Binder AC-900

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