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Easton Ghost Advanced Double Barrel Fastpitch softball bat -9 - Temple's Sporting Goods

Easton Ghost Advanced Double Barrel Fastpitch softball bat -9

Article number: FP22GHAD9_32

Easton Ghost Advanced -9 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP22GHAD9

Carry a big bat to the plate with you this season when you settle in with the Ghost Advanced!

Bat Benefits

Easton has built this Ghost Advanced as its top-flight bat! It will have a two-piece, all-composite design just like the regular Easton Ghost Fastpitch bat. However, Easton adds some special tech to this Advanced model that will give it an edge over the standard Ghost!

What will give the bat a boost is the Double Barrel 2 Construction that will provide an even stronger composite outer wall with an even more lightweight composite inner wall. Easton says that this Double Barrel 2 design will give the Ghost Advanced the ""lowest barrel compression in the game"" and that should lead to excellent barrel flex and the best performance that you'll find in the Easton Fastpitch line-up.

Another aspect of this Ghost Advanced that will separate it from the standard Ghost Fastpitch bat is the Power Boost Soft Knob. That knob will provide extra comfort to a fastpitch lady's bottom hand when gripping the handle. As well, if a batter wanted to, they could lay their bottom finger[s] over the Power Boost knob to get extra leverage when swinging the bat.

This model will feature a end-loaded swing feel and a drop 9 length-to-weight ratio. Even though it is end-loaded, that heavy drop 9 size will make it reserved for ladies who are advanced in their hitting skills or are considered power hitters.
2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

Drop 9 Length-To-Weight Ratio

End Loaded Swing Feel

Two-Piece, All-Composite Fastpitch Bat

Displays USSSA (New 'Fastpitch Only'), USA Softball (ASA), NSA, ISA & WBSC Certifications

Colorway: White | Red

Sonic Comp Material - This Composite Allows The Barrel To Have The Lowest Compression, But It Still Performs High & Is Durable. Plus, The Sound Is Extremely Distinct & Will Be Heard Across A Softball Complex.

Double Barrel 2 Design - 2nd Generation Double Barrel Build Allows For An Even Lighter Inner Barrel & Even Stronger Outer Barrel. This Creates What Easton Calls The Lowest Barrel Compression In The Game, More Barrel Flex & High Performance.

ConneXion Evolution Connector Piece - Links The Composite Barrel & Composite Handle Together. It Eliminates All Vibration To Create What Easton Calls 'The Best Two-Piece Bat"" They Have Ever Made.

Power Boost Soft Knob - Rubberized Knob Increases Comfort & Allows A Batters' Bottom Finger[s] To Lay Over The Knob For Increased Leverage When Swinging The Bat.

Handle Is Ultra-Thin At 29/32 Inch. And It Is Wrapped With A 1.8 mm Cushioned Grip.

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