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Cramer Coaches Deluxe Team First Aid Kit - Temple's Sporting Goods

Cramer Coaches Deluxe Team First Aid Kit

Article number: 761206

Designed by athletic trainers as a complete solution for your team first aid demands. Not all first aid kits are made equal. At Cramer, we know that accidents come in all forms and can't always be treated with a Band-Aid. That's why we work with expert athletic trainers in the field. Cramer offers the best assortment of kits that are easy and intuitive to use. Our fully compartmentalized kits come complete with pictures and instructions so you'll have the tools you need for whatever comes your way.

Contains the following:
Cramer Instant Cold Pack - Large (2)
Scissors Kit with Red Handle (1)
Bulk 3” Econo Elastic Wrap (1)
Tuf-Skin 4 oz. Colorless Spray (1)
White Tape 1.5” x 10 yds (1)
Underwrap Beige 21 yd (1)
Gauze Pads Bulk/3600 3 x 3 (8)
Bulk Bandage 3/4” x 3” (16)
Bulk Knuckle Bandage (8)
Bulk Fingertip Bandage (10)
Bulk Bandage 2” x 3” (6)
Bulk Butterfly Bandage (5)
Alcohol Wipes, Sterile (10)
Sting Relief Wipe (10)
Nitrile Glove (2)
Tongue Depressors (10)
Antibiotic Cream 1 oz. (10)
Bandage Triangular (3)
Antiseptic Towelettes (10)

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