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2022 DeMarini Zoa BBCOR (-3)Baseball Bat 33" X 30oz - 2-Piece composite - Temple's Sporting Goods

2022 DeMarini Zoa BBCOR (-3)Baseball Bat 33" X 30oz - 2-Piece composite

$499.95 $349.95
Article number: WTDXZOA22_33

DeMarini Zoa BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXZOA22

The Zoa is a brand-new creation from DeMarini ready to take the BBCOR scene by storm!

Bat Benefits

DeMarini has created the Zoa to change the game with their release of 2-piece and all-composite BBCOR baseball bats. They have crafted this bat's barrel using their Continuous Fiber Composite material. This material is unique in the way it constructs the barrel as it consists of a single piece of composite material that is rolled on itself. The result is a really long barrel length that displays consistent, high performance up and down the entire barrel.

When describing the handle, DeMarini compares it to what is displayed on their Hybrid BBCOR bats (a.k.a. The Goods). The handle will be made with the Paraflex Plus Composite Material and they have introduced the Anomaly Connector Piece to provide a fairly stiff link between the barrel and handle at the point of contact with a baseball (similar to The Goods' Connector Piece). 

Overall, this balanced bat should work for both power and contact hitters who are looking for a BBCOR bat that has a 2-piece and all-composite design plus a stiff connection!



  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Drop 3 Length-To-Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel

  • Two-Piece, All-Composite Baseball Bat

  • BBCOR .50 Certified For High School & College Play

  • Legal For Play In Intermediate (50-70) & Junior League Divisions Of Little League

  • Colorway: Gold | Grey

  • Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel - Created From One Sheet Of Composite Carbon Fiber That Is Rolled Up On Itself. This Creates A Really Long Barrel That Performs Consistently Along Nearly The Entire Length Of The Hitting Surface.

  • Anomaly Connection System - Combines A Paraflex Plus Composite Handle (Designed To Create A Similar Look & Feel To What Is Seen On The Goods) Plus A Stiff Connector Piece That Limits Vibration Well.

  • Anomaly End Cap - Crafted From A Blend Of Lightweight Materials That Will Maintain Barrel Integrity And Improve Barrel Performance.

  • DeMarini Batter Suggestion - Built For An Advanced Player Looking To Capitalize On The Most Technologically Advanced Bat DeMarini Has Ever Made.

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