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Worth Liberty Adanced Fastpitch Series 12.5" Softball Glove Dark Grey with Light Grey - Temple's Sporting Goods

Worth Liberty Adanced Fastpitch Series 12.5" Softball Glove Dark Grey with Light Grey

$205.60 $129.99
Article number: LA125GW_RH

Worth Liberty Advanced gloves are THE standard in comfort. Made from U.S.A double-tanned full grain leather, Liberty Advanced gloves have a unique feel. Known for their moldable padding and easy break-in, Liberty Advanced gloves still have excellent shape retention. That's because these gloves are held together with pro grade lace to give them the durability to last for multiple seasons. These fastpitch softball specific patterns are made for the female athlete, as they feature slightly narrower finger stalls to improve control, and adjustable pull-strap backs for a custom fit. The Liberty Advanced line is also enhanced with PORON XRD Palm Padding. This lightweight PORON XRD padding absorbs and dissipates up to 90% of impact energy - even at high speeds! This will keep your hand protected from anything hit or thrown your way. This Worth Liberty Advanced Series: LA125WGFS features a 12.50 inch pattern size and "X" Shaped Modified Six Finger Web. New to the Liberty Advanced Series, this is the one model in the Series to feature the Finger Shift Advantage. The perfect solution for a player with small hands or problems closing a glove, the Finger Shift Advantage aligns a player's hand in a stronger position. This not only helps secure the ball during the catch, but it moves the player's fingers out of the direct impact zone in the palm. With less sting and more control, this one is all about comfort and function. The size and web allow for complete control and exceptional play-ability at any position on the diamond! Worth: Legit Performance! 


Cushioned Finger Linings for Comfort

Custom-Fit Adjustable Pull Strap Back

Fastpitch Softball Model

Moldable Padding for a Custom Pocket

Perfect for Any Fielding Position

PORON XRD Palm Pad - Absorbs Virtually All Shock and Sting

USA Tanned Pro Grade Lace for Durability

Pro Soft Shell Leather Construction

X-Shaped Modified Six Finger Web

Finger Shift Design - For Easier Closure and Less Ball Impact

Colorway: Light Grey Shell / Dark Grey Web

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