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Wilson GST TDJ Junior Leather Game Football

Article number: WTF1321_Leather

With patented laces, deep channeling, and amazing durability, it is easy to see why the GST leather football is one of the most popular balls in collegiate and high school programs. The unique design creates an ultra-durable ball with the best grip. An exclusive dual tone color with white stripes makes this ball easy to track during drills.

Maximum Durability

Elite design makes this Wilson’s best all-purpose football. 863 premium GST WE Leather cover gives the ball supreme strength for longer, truer play. Multilayered lining and 3-ply bladder offer the best air retention and moisture control to keep the football in game shape.

Get the Best Grip

Exclusive composite leather stripes give the ball 82% more grip than traditional painted stripes. Looking for even more control? Patented Accurate Control Lacing provides an outstanding 174% more grip than traditional laces. This helps players improve passing and catching accuracy because they don’t have to worry about the ball slipping from their hands.


JUNIOR Size: 9-12

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