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IronMan Strength Tape Shoulder - Temple's Sporting Goods

IronMan Strength Tape Shoulder

Article number: Shoulder-MP

Our exclusive All-Sport Adhesive helps StrengthTape stick for up to 7 days through water, sweat, or most conditions to support injured muscles and tissues while still allowing full range-of-motion.

STRENGTHTAPE is made of a breathable cotton and quick drying Spandex specialized weave that provides a stretch identical to human skin, making it the most comfortable tape on the market

Quick Benefits

  • Provide Support & Stability without limiting range of motion
  • Stays on in Water
  • Sticks for up to 7 days
  • STRENGTHTAPE can assist to:
    • Relieve Pain
    • Increase Circulation and Lymphatic Flow
    • Prevent Injury
    • Recover Faster
    • Reduce Inflammation
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