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DG-TRAINER Fast hands training glove Lefty ( for LEFT hand throw) - Temple's Sporting Goods

DG-TRAINER Fast hands training glove Lefty ( for LEFT hand throw)

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Article number: DG-TRAINER FH_lefty

Diamond has always been known for producing high quality equipment for ball players of all ages. From baseballs and softballs to gloves and catcher's equipment, Diamond always seems to be raising the bar. Practice has always been an important part of baseball, and having the right training tools can make a world of difference. The Diamond Fast Hands Trainer is a small training glove designed to improve ball handling skills in the infield. Though it may be smaller in size, the hand pocket is full size to fit most players. It also has short finger stalls and web to force the player to to trust and use their hands faster. The Diamond Fast Hands Trainer can be used for the following drills: Fielding grounders, Catching pop-ups, Double plays, and Back-hand drills. These training gloves are made from full grain American steerhide and come fully broken-in so that players can take them directly to field. Perfect every aspect of your game with Diamond's elite line of training gloves!
9.50 Inch Training Glove

Conventional Open Back

Full-Size Hand Pocket

Free Shipping!

Shorter Finger Stalls and Web to Force the Use of Faster Hands

Broken-In Feel

Full Grain American Steerhide

Intended for Infield Practice

Can Be Used for Fielding Grounders, Pop-Ups, Double Plays, and Back-Hand Drills

Single Post Web

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