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Headgear Two Slot Strap Holder - Temple's Sporting Goods

Headgear Two Slot Strap Holder

Article number: HG2S58

No need for tape on your Cliff Keen Signature Headgear! Securely and comfortably hold your straps together with the Cliff Keen Strap Holder.


Complies with NFHS Wrestling rules

To fit onto headgear:

Remove one side of the top two straps from the shell of the headgear by sliding strap down and pulling free end out

Slide each strap individually through the Head Gear Strap Holder. Note: The holder is intentionally tight to keep strap secure. Liquid soap may be used to help with the fitting process. Simply apply small amount to straps before inserting into strap holder. Wipe clean.

Once holder is in place, slide straps back into shell of headgear and tighten straps to a snug fit

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